How To Make Your Man Happy During Sex

The best way to make your man happy is to give him a good and explosive fellatio. Every man loves receiving fellatio from his girl, and your man is not an exception. But giving a good fellatio goes a long way than just keeping yourself in between his legs. So what are some of the things you need to take note of in order to give him a really explosive fellatio experience?

During fellatio, a man generally does not enjoy interruption. Even if your man is on the brink of orgasm and the fellatio is interrupted, it will take him a fair amount of time to get turned on again.

Therefore, during fellatio, it is advisable that you off your phone, television and put on your voice mail to keep distractions minimal.

The reason all men love receiving fellatio is because men are visual creatures. Fellatio is a very good visual tool by itself. The scene of you going down on him is surely an eye candy for him and almost all guys love to watch women do it. As your man watches you performing fellatio on him, it feels incredibly good for him as it gives him new connection between mind and body.

One tip for you is while you are performing fellatio on your man, look into his eyes. This will give the whole fellatio session more visual stimulation and will definitely make him happier.

There are various fellatio techniques that you can use to get your man to orgasm. Techniques such as lollipop lick and shaft suction are great techniques that can definitely make your man curls his toes with delight.

Another tip for you is to start fellatio slowly. Use your hands to caress your man's manhood and inner thighs to build up the anticipation and desire that he craves for. Once you have built enough anticipation with your hands and other gestures, you can start using your mouth to build anticipation.
Go slow first, and gradually increase the pace of your suction.

To make your man happy during sex is not hard at all. By giving him a visually good fellatio session, you can bring him to cloud nine easily.

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